Companies leave Russia
to cease funding war crimes

Help send the message to businesses refusing to exit Russia
and fueling Putin’s bloody dictatorship with money.
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What we do

We track business activity in Russia and publish proof of how working in Russia means sponsoring its aggression in Ukraine.

Organize twitter campaigns to educate public and employees on activity that helps russia fund genocide in Ukraine

We educate companies’ employees and leadership teams on the results of their activity in Russia through email campaigns

We cooperate with public figures and authorities to promote the support of the Ukrainian people

We work with legislative organs and international and local regulators like LSEG and Work with UA

We organize events throughout Europe to support Ukraine

What you can do
Learn about businesses still operating in Russia
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Share our messages on social media and among your colleagues
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Companies affected by our actions
Completely withdrawn from Russia
Made a statement to leave Russia and sold their factory
Sold its shares in Russian projects
Made a statement to leave Russia
Added Black and Azov seas to the military risk zones
How regulators help

Companies we put in the world-check database face significant layoffs in most cases

It takes a year and more to get removed the world-check database

Businesses we added to the world-check database
Our mission
We force international companies to break ties with Russia.

In the face of the real threat of a third world war, it is impossible to remain silent – every business must choose the side they’re on.

Cooperation with Russia equals giving the aggressor a clear sign that evil has the right to exist and persist in its aggression.

Our key targets are companies directly affecting Russia’s war in Ukraine.

For companies continuing to operate in Russia after seven months of a full-scale war, it’s a conscious decision.

If they approve of terrorism, violence, and genocide, they should not have a place in the civilized world.

The only way for international businesses to remain humane and respected is to leave Russia and condemn its actions publicly.

Ukraine and Lithuania have already recognized Russia as a terrorist state. The US and the Czech Republic are considering similar moves.

If a company still continues its operations in Russia, it acts as a terrorist accomplice.

Cooperation with Russia brings high risks to the financial industry. The relevant regulatory bodies must be informed about it.

We conduct joint activities with several state bodies to share information about companies working in Russia among external auditors, international regulators, mass media, and wider audiences.

If your company still works with Russia, let us know.


Important statements

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine: DO NOT sponsor murder

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Larry Fink’s Chairman's Letter to Shareholders of Black Rock

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Yale: Companies that have curtailed operations in Russia

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