A non-commercial public organization driven by the goal of blocking access to economic resources that underlie Russian aggression. We aim to restore peace and security in our country and hold Western and transnational companies accountable for human rights violations.

#InternationalWarSponsors #DontFundRussionArmy #RussiaIsTerroristState

The organization's activities are broad and involve interaction with authorities, local government bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations of various ownership forms, including international organizations, and establishing partnerships with other non-governmental organizations regardless of their place of registration.

We actively study and analyze the interaction of global businesses with the Russian market. Our work is focused on a deep understanding of the real actions of international corporations, including verification of their statements about leaving the Russian market and strategies to continue to make profits in the aggressor country.

Our expertise in this area has earned us recognition from international and Ukrainian media, NGOs and government agencies involved in sanctions policy. We use our experience and knowledge to increase information pressure and support sanctions against Russia.

Our main goal is to identify and expose companies that continue to operate in the Russian Federation despite its aggressive actions and violations of humanitarian values. We aim to increase pressure on the Russian economy by cutting off products from global manufacturers and restricting the access of Russian society to the achievements of civilization.

One method to achieve this goal is to bring these facts to the attention of Ukrainian and global communities, holding such companies accountable under Ukrainian or international law.

We call on Western companies supporting business activities with the aggressor to cease such interactions and publicly condemn military aggression against Ukraine. For companies that have ceased interaction, we urge them to stand firm until the restoration of our country's territorial integrity and holding those responsible for war crimes and the resulting destruction accountable.

We also call on government agencies, institutions and organizations to refrain from purchasing products from companies that continue to operate in Russia, as these actions may be considered as aiding the aggressor state.


Our team consists of specialists who are ready to devote their efforts and time to bring victory closer.

For two years, we have been engaged in searching, analyzing, and informing the public about the inadmissibility of supporting the economic machinery of the aggressor.

This initiative reflects our commitment to transparency and corporate responsibility.


Track the business activities of Western companies in Russia and inform the Ukrainian and global public, demonstrating that working with Russia is equivalent to sponsoring its aggression against Ukraine.

Communicate the results of these activities to employees of sponsoring companies and leadership through correspondence.

Officially interact with authorities, international and local regulatory bodies like LSEG and Work with UA.

Organize campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to inform the public and employees of sponsoring companies about activities financing the Russian military machine.

Collaborate with public figures, government bodies to support the Ukrainian people.

Organize events in Europe to draw global attention to the real situation in Ukraine caused by a full-scale military invasion, supporting Ukraine in restoring its territorial integrity and the right to exist as a democratic, independent state.

Inform local government bodies, communal enterprises, and organizations of the inadmissibility of interacting with war-sponsoring companies or acquiring their services/products.

Initiate changes in existing Ukrainian legislation to prohibit the purchase of goods and services from war-sponsoring companies.


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